"I have always wanted more for our communities. When I look at Ward 4, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and pain. I see the degradation of the homes and businesses that once were a staple of excellence in our neighborhoods. But I am also excited when I think about the potential that awaits. Ward 4 deserves that and more. We need a Council-Person who can be a role model to inspire positive leaders on our streets. Ward 4 deserves someone who can be their voice and advocate as well as have a vision to uplift."   -Mario Snowden
My Vision to Secure, Rebuild, & Inspire
Housing & The Future of Ward 4
I believe that we have to do all we can to ensure a brighter future for our community. Our young men and women graduating from local high schools going into the workforce, our retired and active military servicemen and servicewomen, and our young adults graduating from college are key to that future. Our community deserves safe neighborhoods and affordable pathways to housing and homeownership. These men and women deserve the opportunity to re-invest into the communities that invested in them. We don't have the luxury to not focus on these issues. 
Our Senior Citizens & Elderly
I am devoted to making sure that the men and women who gave birth to our generation have the safety and opportunity to pursue a high quality of life. This includes new programs and partnerships that encourage healthy and active lifestyles. As well as community check-in initiatives through our local religious institutions. 
Business & Economy
One of the most disheartening aspects of our community is the abundance of abandoned, boarded up, or vacant buildings that litter our main streets. Entrepreneurs and small business owners deserve secure spaces to operate. These are investments into every citizen. Imagine what our neighborhoods would look like and be if every boarded-up building and shop was renovated and operational. Or offered services or housing to the citizens of Ward 4. 
Technology and Services
Cleveland citizens deserve more efficient and data-driven city services. A commitment to cost-effective investments that secures long term rewards. Ward 4 deserves a new generation of representation, to ensure that antiquated systems are updated to serve our residents. Along with those services, our youth deserve recreation centers and community centers that help them to compete academically and in the labor market with the youth of The United State’s most productive suburbs. The road to investing in our city's future must be paved today.
Your Voice OTP/BTP/FTP
Most of all Ward 4 deserves a representative who can hear the input of each resident and bring solutions to the issues and actions to the concerns. I believe that every resident has the right to voice their grievances and that as a whole City Council has the duty to address each concern and find remedies where possible. I am committed to advocating for the voice of our citizens to be a part of decision-making. 
Beyond safe roads, our children and residents deserve clean and safe neighborhoods. Part of this commitment means making sure that the older homes being purchased & rented are free of unsafe lead levels. Along with this, we need new initiatives and incentives that promote cleaner streets. In these efforts there are economic benefits and psychological benefits. More than just appearance, clean areas provide the restoration of a much-needed sense of pride. Ward 4 deserves these efforts and more.
Community & Policing
The safety and security of our community are a concern for citizens and business owners. As we address measures to keep every citizen safe, we also have to set benchmarks of accountability and data collection for those charged with that duty. We deserve programs that bring our neighbors and Ward-mates together for fellowship and inspiration. The type of fellowship that will bring together our FireFighters, Law Enforcement & Social Work personnel with ward citizens while off duty. We deserve to see humanity in each other's eyes consistently. Every citizen of Ward 4 deserves safety and it starts with re-establishing a stake in the community for each one of us that lives and works in this Ward.